About me


Erin Weigel, her daughter Hedda Weigel, and her boyfriend, Jan Lenders playing in a park together.

M ost of my energy comes from my family—especially my partner Jan, our daughter Hedda, and our German-shepherd mix Boon.

We enjoy walking in the park near our house and love to hike in the hills of Belgium.

In my free time I like to read, listen to podcasts, and work on my passion project—HelpHer.

HelpHer provides matrescence support for women during early motherhood. You can sign up to hear when it launches at HelpHer.io.

What I care about

I believe in respect, inclusion, and fairness.

As a white design leader with a significant amount of privilege, it’s my responsibility to make space for others.

To do so, I invest my time, my voice, and my money to make the world—and the internet—a friendlier place for all people.

I influence the systems and processes in my workplace to improve people’s sense of belonging and their equal access to growth opportunities. I also mentor women—both in and out of my workplace—as another way to have a positive impact.

Ladies that UX and Code2Change are a couple mentorship programs I regularly support. My favorite mentorship experience, however, was Booking.com’s 2019 Women in Tech Code-a-Thon. I supported a group of talented young women in a coding bootcamp and gave a Design 101 workshop.

These young ladies were so fun, smart, and inspiring they literally brought tears to my eyes. I’m excited to see how they go on to shape the world and our future.

Booking.com's Women in Tech Code-a-Thon with Laura Dern and an amazing groupd of 10 young women.

I’ve also spoken about the importance intersectional feminism in design at The European Women in Tech Conference and for The Next Women as part of The Next Web conference in Amsterdam.

What I do

I believe the purpose of design is to be helpful and solve problems for people.

I started my career in service jobs and later combined my customer-centric propensity with my interest in tech. Luckily for me, creating things with code and helping people is a useful skill—and it also has a fancy name! Design.

Since I discovered design, I haven’t looked back. In my past 6+ years at Booking, I’ve served a variety of customers—both internal and external. I see all problems and opportunities as design challenges and don’t believe in perfect. I only believe in a constant state of making things better.

My recent experience

I led product accessibility and design systems at Booking.com as the Principal of Design Services.

My teams were responsible for the design, development, and adoption of accessibility best practices, The Booking Design System, and its accompanying toolkit, Assembly.

My teams did some awesome work. I helped them formulate their vision, provided guidance in terms of customer and business objectives, and got them the resources they needed to succeed.

I also invested in their personal and professional growth as their manager, and crafted the communication strategy with business stakeholders to gain support.

Past experience

I led a 30-40 person design team in Booking’s Partner Services department.

My leadership catalyzed a significant and noticeable increase in designer job satisfaction and engagement within the department.

This increased engagement and collaboration enabled us to achieve our business stretch goal and led to an improvement in the overall quality of design and partner focus in the department.

We also had a lot of fun along the way!

Current focus

I now serve Booking.com employees as I work on a special project with our People department.

My goal is to improve the employee and manager experience by adding clarity around role expectations, job competencies, and the promotion process. I believe Booking’s people are our greatest asset, and I hope to improve our customers’ product experience by improving the employee experience for my colleagues.

Wish me luck. Or, better yet—wish me resilience. Because nothing worth doing is ever easy.